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We are the only site on the Internet that makes it easy to find foods that are high in nutritional value and combine those foods into meals and nutrition plans. You see the nutrition for your recipe RIGHT AWAY!  
These are the latest recipes built by our members.

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Main section Meal Group Recipes
Cooking Breakfast 4628
Brunch 775
Lunch 4446
Appetizer & Snacks 3353
Dinner 11750
Desserts 1561
General 6272
Baking Breads 2603
Cakes 1438
Cookies 3313
Pastries 106
Pies 564
Muffins 2139
Toppings & Fillings 134
Crusts 149

You can create your own version of any of these recipes. Register (Free) and you can start building recipes, modifying existing recipes and using and building Nutrition Plans.

Now you can build your recipes and using our special tools you can see the nutrition for your recipe right away … in real time! start here

We are the Nutrition Wiki

We are the largest collection of user built recipes on the Internet. All of our recipes show the nutrition of each recipe and each ingredient. You can save and change these recipe easily. Using our highly specialized Nutrition Calculator / Recipe Builder you can combine ingredients into your finshed recipe and see the nutrition data every step of the way.

Recipe Nutrition Analysis

You can try different ingredients to see how they effect the nutrition of your recipe. With our revolutionary system you can tailor the nutrition of your recipe to your needs. If you want higher protein or less fat you can use our ingredient query engine to find just the right ingredient to match the nutrition needs of your recipe. RecipeNutrition helps you use nutrition information to build healthy meals. We have been providing the best recipe nutrition calculator on the Internet for over seven years.

Help the Internet nutrition community by adding to the collection of Live Recipes™.

Build a Recipe or Borrow a Recipe

Live Recipes™ are recipes that are made up of ‘real’ ingredients. We summarize the nutrition facts of each ingedient into complete nutritional information for the recipe. We are the only recipe site where you can create your own versions of any of our recipes and easily change the individual ingredients to fit your tastes. For each ingredient change we calculate new nutrition facts for that recipe. Live Recipes™ are living, changing food ideas. With your help we can build the first internet library of recipes that can truly be shared. Publish your great food ideas and see how they are used and changed by other members. start here

Nutrition Plans - The key to better nutrition

Our new enhanced Power Plan nutrition planning tools even let you use 'leftovers' from previous recipes to combine into new recipes (Derived Recipes). This is how cooking is done in the 'real world' and we can provide your with the tools to easily build weekly nutrition plans that will improve the nutrition and health of you and your family. At the same time Power Plan can save you time and money by making it easier to use less processed (less expensive) ingredients and properly plan to use portions of previously cooked recipes in new meals.

Our Shopping List is smart

And best of all you can build summarized shopping lists for your Nutrition Plans to make it easy to shop for and prepare nutritious home cooked meals. And our shopping lists are smart enough to know where things go (like the pantry) and so you can easily eliminate ingredients that you already have in stock.

Register (Free) and you can start building recipes, modifying existing recipes and using and building Nutrition Plans.
Use the recipe nutrition calculator to make sound decisions on your meals.
If you are looking for nutrition data on foods, meals and NutritionPlans we offer nine different ways to find the perfect recipe, NutritionPlan, meal or ingredient.
  1. Use the 'Atkins' style of eating to search by number of  carbs in a serving
  2. Or, if you prefer look for NutritionPlans, meals, recipes or ingredients that are  low in fat
  3. You can also search by percentage of  protein
  4. The classic measure is   calories
  5. Some studies have shown that we tend to eat a fixed weight per meal. This makes recipes or meals that have low   calories per gram  a good choice.
  6. If you are looking for a specific ingredient, you can search by  a word or phrase.
  7. You can also find all the recipes that use a specific  ingredient
  8. You can also find all the recipes, meals or NutrtionPlans created by the same  person or company
  9. All of our recipes are carefully placed in a  directory tree when they are built. This is a good way to browse for recipes.

Or you can find a food (ingredient) using our food search engine and with our ...
Get nutrition data for all the foods you like to eat.
Build a recipe with our super fast recipe builder and nutrition calculator
... turn it instantly into a recipe.

        RecipeNutrition is your personal nutrition empowerment tool.  You can set set up your own nutrition portal and build a Nutrition Plan that shows your calories consumed every day of the week.  And from your Nutrition Plan you can get a detailed shopping list.

        TRY IT!... build a NutritionPlan or recipe "the new way" and get started on the path to better nutrition. 
        OR modify one of our NutritionPlans or recipes!... Once you have saved a NutritionPlan or recipe you can create your own version and modify the ingredients.
With RecipeNutrition as your nutrition calculator you will be able to build great new nutritious meals.
        Our recipe builder is an easy to use tool that effortlessly links you to the USDA Ingredient Databank so your recipe can have it's nutrition calculated "on the fly".  You can even compare your recipes with restaurant and fast food meals with our "Fast Food Comparator".  The Recipe builder took us over two years to develop and is faster, easier and more accurate than commercial nutrition planners that cost many thousands of dollars. Yours to use free, brought to you by the miracle of the Internet.

        Our goal is to help you prepare more nutritious recipes for yourself and your family.  Not only will you be eating delicious meals but you will lose weight and have more energy while you do it.  As a registered (free) user you can;
  • Build a recipe from USDA ingredients.
  • Scale existing recipes to a portion size that is perfect for your occasion.
  • Combine recipes into new recipes.
  • Create a version of an existing classic recipe.
  • Build recipes from leftovers (derived recipes).
  • Sort and save lists of recipes.
  • Build a weekly NutritionPlan.
  • Get a summarized weekly shopping list.
  • Build a nutrition profile of yourself and your family.
  • Find the Glycemic index of foods to see how fast they will transfer glucose(sugar) into your bloodstream. This can help prevent 'Carb comas'.
  • Check your suggested caloric intake.
  • See the number of calories burned for all sorts of activities.
  • Check your BMI (body mass index).
  • Keep track of your weight.
  • Compare your meal's nutrition to restaurant food.
        Your recipe is the most important part of this site. We have tried to provide a fast, efficient and fun recipe building experience. At the heart of our recipe builder is the 'ingredient finder'. We have about twenty thousand different food items to choose from and we want you to find what you are looking for in under three keystrokes.

        By adding your favorite recipes to this site we will be able to give everyone the chance to build NutritionPlans with a great variety of delicious meals.

Remember 'every great journey begins with a single step.'

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