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Version 11
Version Eleven features a full industry standard nutrition label for every recipe and a newly designed home page along with major efforts in reworking pages to fit multiple form factors. We are now building pages using HTML 5 to provide a faster and more visually appealing user experience.

Version 10
With Version Ten we introduced our 'Meal Matrix' for rapidly building Meal / Nutrition plans.

Version 9
Version Nine combines a new strategy for building recipes that allowed for 'Guest' recipes that could be seamlessly converted to user recipes at the end of the recipe building process. As we approached 5000 finished user built recipes, we re-designed our basic recipe directory to make it easier to use, faster, and more visible to the search engines.

Version 8
Version Eight focused on the personalization and scalability of the site. With the increasing usage, we concentrated on improving the user experience by adding new technology that prevents any user problems under higher site loads. We also added the concept of the 'default' nutrition plan to the 'Power Plan' rapid nutrition plan builder. On our recipe search engine we dramatically inproved the speed of the "word or phrase" query.

Version 7
Version Seven is a major rewrite of the entire site. Along with a new look and feel, we have made the site compatable with all major browsers. We have updated the functionality of our ingredient chooser and have added the 'Power Plan' rapid nutrition plan builder.

Version 6
With Version Six we have added derived recipes. This is a major enhancement that allows recipes to become part of new recipes. The intent is to give the user a way to incorporate the concept of leftovers into meal planning and subsequent shopping lists.

Version 5
Version five has some major enhancements, some you see and some you do not. We have added the Glycemic index and the Calorie burn calculator. These tools are important additions to our nutrition system. You can now use the Glycemic index to find the foods that will be absorbed most effectively by your digestive system. These can be the basis for your meals. As well we have added the potential to easily 'private label' the site for our strategic partners. Finally we have made our top recipes and nutrition plans accesible from the main page.

Version 4
Recipe Nutrition was founded in 2001 with a vision to revolutionalize the way we eat. It's founders had worked in the online recipe space and had developed the knowledge, expertise and passion to synthesize the technologies of the web with the incredible work done by the USDA in nutrition analysis. Recipe Nutrition system is poised to provide a framework for collaboration amongst all who stand to benefit from better nutrition. Recipe Nutrition aims to help create the "Prepared Food Chain", a seamless progression from ingredients to new eating habits based on the modern reguirements of good nutrition and convenience. More about our vision

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