Nutrition information ... your nutrition data, recipe builder and  shopping list generator  Nutrition information ... your recipe NutritionPlanner, recipe builder and  shopping list generator was established to provide a new level of support for families and individuals who want to 'do something' to improve their overall nutrition.

This Site was founded on four basic premises;
  • Although nutrition is a complex subject involving chemical and physiological reactions to foods, the composition of every food can be effectively described by its components of protein, carbohydrates and fat. These three components combine to yield the calorie content or energy for that food.

  • The successful diet plans today rely on varying our percentage intake of these three basic food components; protein, carbohydrates and fat .

  • can achieve exceptional accuracy in our food nutrition calculations by using the USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference for all it's nutrition calculations. This database is maintained by the United States Department of Agriculture, the world's leading authority on nutrition.

  • Internet technology has now advanced to the point that we can build a new generation of sites that can achieve far more sophisticated goals than previously possible. is the first of this next generation Internet site. is based on a convergence of new technologies that at a fundamental level "make it easier to find things" using a computer. We use a new user interface paradigm that we call a "context sensitive, just-in-time decision tree". The best example of this is our "ingredient finder" with it's cascading ingredient selection boxes. Our ingredient locator strategy incorporates sophisticated anthropological sorting techniques. The goal we strive for is to no less than changing the way we feed ourselves.

The heart of our "better way to eat" is the NutritionPlan. This is a one week plan of meals that will be consumed. This one week cycle makes it convenient to modify the nutrition habits of the users.

The process of feeding a family or individual is both an art and a science. It combines the psychology of what we want to eat with the realities of what we should eat and can afford to eat.  Inevitably this leads to the purchase of foodstuffs.  We must then process these foodstuffs to some degree for final consumption.

The variables that we have to work with are;
  • Food preferences.
  • Health considerations.
  • Cost of food.
  • Time available.
  • Preparation complexity. helps the food preparation artist / engineer on every one of these steps.

1. Food preferences.  All of our recipes are classified through our recipe decision tree. This gives us a lot of information about the recipes to match the preferences of the user. In addition we have a system of key words or descriptors that add a further level of detail about the recipe. The user can save recipes into their own recipe box and build up a useful sub-set of recipes for their NutritionPlan.

2. Health Considerations. guides the nutrition habits of the users by providing useful comparisons between the user's NutritionPlan and other eating scenarios. For example, the user can compare their NutritionPlan to well known prepared foods such as restaurant food and frozen entrees. In addition the user can compare the basic nutritional components of their NutritionPlan to successful nutrition plans such as 'atkins' and 'the zone'.

3. Cost of food.  At we like to think that we are focused on the practical application of technology to achieve good things. Our NutritionPlanner helps our users to be more efficient and drives down the total expenditures on food in the household. We do this by helping the household cut down on prepared foods, a natural by-product of nutrition planning, and in the future by partnering with food retailers to provide direct links to the grocery market.
    Another by-product of our NutritionPlan is the 'grocery list'. The RecipeNutrition grocery list is the vital link to the food purveyor. We use several specialized concepts to produce a truly useful and revolutionary 'grocery list'. Our 'grocery list' is the matrix of the 'NutritionPlan', our 'pantry' home inventory system and our integrated 'ingredient rollup' technology.
   When our users complete our 'smart shopper' wizard, we can provide information to our food industry partners as to the purchasing strategies of our users for any foodstuff. General strategies such as 'just best price' or 'highest quality' can be used to provide the user with the 'most probable' choices for their 'grocery list'.
   The 'pantry' home inventory system is a simple interface that makes 'ingredient roll-up' on the 'grocery list' more useful. To activate the 'pantry' inventory system the user classifies the most often used ingredients into their pantry. Ingredients that are used in a recipe that come from the user's 'pantry' are not directly included in the grocery list from the recipes. Instead common ingredients like salt are managed at the time of shopping list creation. Other common household needs such as pet foods, paper and cleaning supplies are also efficiently handled by the pantry system.
   Integrated 'ingredient rollup' makes use of direct links to the grocery supplier to 'roll-up' ingredients into logical package amounts. This is a vital link which can be enhanced to provide a wealth of information to the user as to food specials that tie in to the user's grocery list. Think of this as a personalized 'grocery flyer'.

4. Time Available  The system of NutritionPlanning manages the time constraints of our users by giving them the ability to search for recipes based on the time required to prepare and serve them. In addition the integrated NutritionPlanning approach saves shopping time by producing a smart list which can in the final stage be delivered directly to the user by the grocer.

5. Preparation Complexity  The user is guided through the complexities of NutritionPlanning by using search parameters that match their needs. Our keyword system provides general categories such as 'quick and easy' while all recipes are classified by prep, cook and service time.

At the end of the day the 'nutrition aware' recipe database, user nutrition profiles, shopping preferences, 'NutritionPlan' and 'grocery list' provided by give the user a revolutionary new way to manage the household nutrition needs and save time and money on foodstuffs. In this way hopes to achieve its goal of changing the way we feed ourselves.

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