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Recipes - Chicken Wonton Soup Recipe

Recipe Name

Chicken Wonton Soup Recipe

Submitted by mama_ang
Recipe Description This is a hearty white meat recipe, but can use any part of the chicken, boned and skinned.
Quantity 1 Quantity Unit large stockpot Servings  
Prep Time (minutes) 40 Cook Time (minutes) 40 Ready In (minutes) 80
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Chicken Wonton Soup Recipe
Amt. Measure Ingredient
pound, rawboneless, skinless chicken breasts
cups, shreddedCabbage
ouncesMushrooms, portabella, raw, chopped
cupschicken broth or stock
wrapper, wonton (3-1/2" square)Wonton wrappers (includes egg roll wrappers)
largeeggs, white only
Sequence Step
1boil chicken breasts until cooked through in 12 cups water,about 20 minutes boiling Season as desired. I use approx 2Tbs Adobo seasoning, 1Tbs pepper, 2Tbs seaoning salt, 2Tbs garlic powder, and 1Tbs onion powder. Much of the seasoning will be filtered out when you strain broth.
2While chicken is cooking, prepare vegetables. cut 1 1/2c grean cabbage into aprox 1/2 to 1 inch pieces. Set aside for soup. Mince an additional 1c cabbage. Set aside for wonton filling.
3De-stem 1 bunch chard. Cut chard into 1 1/2c into 1/2 to 1 inch pieces. Add to Cabbage for soup. Mince an additional 1c chard. Add to Cabbage for wonton filling. Any additonal chard can be cut up and added to soup mix.
4Thoroughly wash and destem 2 large portabella mushrooms. Cut into 1/2 inch pieces and add to soup ingredients.
5Seperate 8 eggs, use whites only. Seperate into two bowls, 1: 2 egg whites for sealing wontons 2: 6 egg whites for wonton filling.
6Remove chicken breasts from broth when cooked. Cut into large chunks to cool slightly. Strain broth with a fine sieve and return clear broth to pot. When chicken is cooled slightly, mince coursely in food processor. Add to filling for wontons.
7Season wonton filling as desired. I use approx 2tsp pepper. 1Tsp salt, 1Tbs garlic powder and 2tsp onion powder. Some alternative seasonings are soy sauce to taste, and/or about 1Tbs sesame oil.
8mix wonton filling, gradually adding egg whites until mixture is slightly sticky, but not gooey. any left over egg whites can be added to soup mixture.

putting together wontons
Sequence Step
1Putting together wontons - Seperate wontons several at a time. Fill wontons with approx 1Tbs to 1 1/2Tbs wonton filling.
3While wrapping wontons bring broth back to a boil.
4Continue wontons until done.

Sequence Step
1once broth is boiling add soup mixture to pot let boil aprox 10 to 15 minutes. any left over wonton filling can be added to soup or set aside for making additional wontons fried. Use as desired.
2start adding wontons one at a time, occassionally pushing wontons down in soup mixture to prevent them sticking together.
3boiling approx 3-5 minutes after all wontons are added. occasionally pushing wontons on top to middle of soup gently to middle of soup to allow for even cooking of wontons. Over cooking or stirring may result in wontons breaking open.

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