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The Recipe Nutrition System

Full Nutrition Analysis for your Recipes in Real Time

User Built Recipes is the only site on the Internet where you can easily build a recipe and see the nutrition as soon as you finish. Our unique Food Finder™ makes if easy to find the ingredients that you need to build your recipe. Recipe Nutrition does all the complex nutritional analysis of the the ingredrients to give you the basic nutritional information such as Calories, Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fat. We also calculate the percentages of these basic nutritional building blocks. As well you can view the detailed nutritional analysis to see vitamin and mineral content of the recipe. Our users are adding new recipes every day. These recipes form the basis for a nutrition ecosystem, a new way to plan for feeding yourself and your family.

Versions, Complex and Derived Recipes

Becuase all of our recipes are built using our Food Finder™, you can easily change the ingredients to get new versions of the recipe. Because of this special feature we call our recipes LiveRecipes™. With versioning you can easily make a copy of any our LiveRecipes™ and change one or more of the ingredients to make the recipe perfect for your tastes or nutritional goal.

You can also combine two or more recipes into a single new recipe. For example, if you have a recipe that includes a common sauce eq. hollandaise, then you can simply include the sauce (sub) recipe as part of your main recipe.

Another great feature of the Recipe Nutrition system is our technique for using 'leftovers'. Derived recipes are typcially used together with nutrition plans. By planning meals over several days or a week, you can easily plan to cook the necessary portions to allow for the resuse of basic recipes (leftovers). You cook a recipe on one day and use part of the recipe on a subsequent day. Reusing parts of recipes in new recipes can simplfy preparation and also grocery shopping.

The Nutrition Search Engine

If you are looking for nutrition information on foods, meals and NutritionPlans we offer nine different ways to find the perfect recipe, NutritionPlan, meal or ingredient.

  1. Use the 'Atkins' style of eating to search by number of  carbs in a serving
  2. Or, if you prefer look for NutritionPlans, meals, recipes or ingredients that are  low in fat
  3. You can also search by percentage of  protein
  4. The classic measure is  calories
  5. Some studies have shown that we tend to eat a fixed weight per meal. This makes recipes or meals that have low   calories per gram a good choice.
  6. If you are looking for a specific ingredient, you can search by a word or phrase.
  7. You can also find all the recipes that use a specific  ingredient
  8. You can also find all the recipes, meals or NutrtionPlans created by the same  person or company
  9. All of our recipes are carefully placed in a  directory tree when they are built. This is a good way to browse for recipes.

Nutrition Plans

Nutrition Plans are a one week schedule of meals. A nutrition plan is one of the key tools to help make improvements to your nutrition. Recipe Nutrition has just developed Power Plan™ our second generation nutrition plan builder. With Power Plan™ we have reduced the time it takes to build a nutrition plan by 90% to just minutes. Our nutrition plans show you your average daily calorie usage, as well as the pecentages of Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat so you can easily tailor your nutrition plan to achieve specific nutrtition goals like low calories, low carbs or high protein.

Shopping Lists

An integral part of the Recipe Nutrition system are our Smart List™ shopping lists. We call our shopping lists 'smart' because they give you summarized totals of individual ingredients, they know where things go eg. the pantry and they remember your preferences for package sizes.

We think to be useful your shopping lists should list only the food items that you will actually need to buy, not all the ingredients in every recipe. And we give you the option of quickly including items that you want to include. For example we assume that you already have all the spices for the recipes. If after a quick scan of the shopping list you realize that you do not have an item, with just one click you can add it to your finished list.

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