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Recipes - Qs BBQ Chicken

Recipe Name

Q's BBQ Chicken

Submitted by SBasham
Recipe Description Great BBQ Chicken
Quantity 0 Quantity Unit Servings  
Prep Time (minutes) 20 Cook Time (minutes) 45 Ready In (minutes) 65
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Amt. Measure Ingredient
chickenwhole chicken
cupsapple cider vinegar
tablespoonsred pepper, freshly ground course
tablespoonsWorcestershire sauce
tablespoonscoarse ground mustard
Sequence Step
11 fresh whole chicken fryer for 4. (unless you slaughter your own chicken, check freshness by looking at the wing tips. They should be same color as chicken and not red.)
2Mix all sauce ingredients , warm (do not boil) and set aside
3Fire up the charcoal grill. DO NOT USE GAS for this recipe. Now you have 20 minutes to prepare.
4Imsert a Sharp butcher knife through the throat of the chicken with sharp edge pointing towards the center of the breast. Split the chicken in two and spread, cracking the back as necessary to allow it to lay flat. Wash thoroughly, pat dry and heavy baste with the sauce. Set aside, allowing it to get to room temperature.
5Spread out the coals and place chicken on grill, bone side down. cover chicken. Plan on 45 minutes of grill time.
6Check periodically, approximately every 10 minutes for first 30 minutes. baste top side , turn and baste again. DO THIS EVERY TIME THE CHICKEN IS TURNED. Since there is no sugar it will not burn quickly
7Cook more time on the bone side. Allowing the skin side to brown evenly and miminizing burn. After it has browned stop basting to allow skin to crisp up. chicken is done when you can easily twist the leg bone.
8Boil leftover sauce and serve as a condiment.

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