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Recipes - Perfect Cream Cheese Frosting

Recipe Name

Perfect Cream Cheese Frosting

Submitted by LSanford
Recipe Description With all-natural food colors. By-product sub: just naturally by-product free! Gluten Free — Nut Free — Quick and Easy — Wheat Free The natural food colors used here yield a pastel look that’s not quite as vibrant as commercial food colorings, but they contain no harmful dyes or artificial ingredients.
Quantity 1 Quantity Unit mixing bowl Servings  
Prep Time (minutes) 15 Cook Time (minutes) 0 Ready In (minutes) 15
 Recipe Nutrition ... build a NutritionPlan with our meal planner  Recipe Nutrition ... build a NutritionPlan with our meal planner
Amt. Measure Ingredient
ouncesdairy free cream cheese Tofutti, etc.)
cupvegan butter, cubed
teaspoonvanilla extract powder
cups unsiftedsugar, powdered
teaspoonfood coloring all-natural
Sequence Step
1Using an electric mixer, beat together cream cheese, butter, and vanilla powder until fluffy.
2Beat in powdered sugar 1⁄ 2 cup (60 g) at a time.
3Beat until smooth and fluffy.
4Beat in desired colors, if using, remembering that using liquid will affect the consistency of the frosting. Add more powdered sugar if necessary.
5Refrigerate until ready to use.
6Yield: enough for 24 cupcakes or one 9-inch (23 cm) double-layer cake.
7Note: Here are the colors you can create using natural ingredients: • Turmeric: yellow • Beet juice or powder: Pink • Carrot juice or powder: orange/Peach • Spinach juice or powder: Green • Blueberry juice: Purple • Unsweetened cocoa powder: Chocolate/brown

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