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Recipes - LSanford

This is truly the best carrot cake I've ever had, vegan or not. I would love to give credit where it's due, but I got the recipe from a lovely lady who brought the cake for a potluck lunch. The occasion was a spay/neuter clinic in Charlottesville where I was volunteering. 
recipe rating stars
Cals. / serving : 532
% from fat : 45
% from carbs : 51
% from protein : 3
These Butternut Muffins were a bit of a gamble. I had some butternut squash puree leftover from making my Butternut Squash Pie, and some blended tofu from making my Mango Pie and I wondered why I couldn't just marry these two into a blissful breakfast food . And just like that, these delicious muffins were born. These Butternut Squash Muffins are great breakfast material. Or pre-breakfastmaterial, or even brunch material. They are made with whole wheat, include a veggie, and pack a protein punch with the tofu. How much more can you ask of a muffin?  
recipe rating stars
Cals. / serving : 217
% from fat : 12
% from carbs : 79
% from protein : 9
Soy substitutions: fruit juice for milk + just naturally soy free! Corn Free - Soy Free 
recipe rating stars
Cals. / serving : 396
% from fat : 18
% from carbs : 72
% from protein : 5
This is another of those recipes origin unknown. I found it in my recipe box, and have no idea where I got it. It does sound quite delicious, so here it is for you..... 
recipe rating stars
Cals. / serving : 862
% from fat : 55
% from carbs : 43
% from protein : 4
"Light, moist, and nutty. That's what this cake is all about. The recipe may look involved, but its wonderful autumnal flavor will reward you for your efforts." 
recipe rating stars
Cals. / serving : 404
% from fat : 69
% from carbs : 31
% from protein : 0
Imagine a bubbly hot pot pie with a crisp, flaky, golden crust, filled with a creamy mixture of sweet carrots, melt-in-the-mouth tofu cubes, and tender, buttery potatoes. Now imagine you're eating it. Does it get any better than that? 
recipe rating stars
Cals. / serving : 584
% from fat : 29
% from carbs : 63
% from protein : 9
Lime & coconut are indeed a perfect couple – here they are married into a wondrous and moist cake.  The flavour is sublime, the texture crumbly, moist and a little zesty.  The frosting is morish, and all together it is very much a ‘please make again mum’ type of cake.  We had it for dessert too, as we stored ours covered in the fridge.  We also had it for tea with Earl Grey, which was a perfect afternoon snack.  My husband confessed that he even had it for breakfast – it was the last portion left and he stole it first thing.  Now you know all this, here is the recipe for you.  Enjoy baking, making and waking to this delightful cake !  
recipe rating stars
Cals. / serving : 327
% from fat : 46
% from carbs : 47
% from protein : 3
“Baking cupcakes that are moist, light, eggless and dairyless seemed like an almost insurmountable challenge to me when I first went vegan. Brainwashed as I had been through years of baking about the importance of butter and eggs to the process of cakemaking, I believed that a good cake was impossible to make without these ingredients. I admit I lived through a few mistakes: cupcakes that weren't fluffy, cupcakes that were too tough, and cupcakes that just weren't, well, what cupcakes ought to be. Until, inspired by some cake veganizing tricks from the fabulous book “Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World”, I improvised this recipe. And then, I felt like a Cake Einstein. My Lemony Vegan Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting are, to me, a small triumph for veganism. They taste so good, I bet they'd convert any skeptic. Desi is a regular cupcake gourmet and even he agrees these are among the best he's tasted. So go on, I dare you. Put on your baking gloves and take a s 
recipe rating stars
Cals. / serving : 252
% from fat : 50
% from carbs : 42
% from protein : 4
As Thanksgiving approaches, I know all of you -- vegan or not-- are looking for great options to the same-old-same-old pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie or whatever tired old orange-colored dessert it is that typically graces your Thanksgiving table. Well, I have one for you and every word of it is like a fresh, sweet, tropical kiss: vegan Mango Cupcakes with Mango Buttercream Frosting. 
recipe rating stars
Cals. / serving : 395
% from fat : 50
% from carbs : 48
% from protein : 1
Edgy, zesty and mouthwatering to the full – this salad is perfect to eat as a main course, perhaps with a hot, crunchy wholemeal baguette – or as an accompaniment to virtually any meal you wish. Soaked in a rich and tasty dressing, I wanted to hit the palette on all its dimensions – sweetness, a tad of spice, Mediterranean, and with lots of zang !!! NOTE : The trick with this salad is to cut each ingredient into very small squares/pieces. 
recipe rating stars
Cals. / serving : 404
% from fat : 31
% from carbs : 51
% from protein : 14
With all-natural food colors. By-product sub: just naturally by-product free! Gluten Free — Nut Free — Quick and Easy — Wheat Free The natural food colors used here yield a pastel look that’s not quite as vibrant as commercial food colorings, but they contain no harmful dyes or artificial ingredients.  
recipe rating stars
Cals. / serving : 145
% from fat : 43
% from carbs : 55
% from protein : 0
by: LSanford
The wonderful people at “The Complete Guide to Vegan Food Substitutions” have given us another recipe to enjoy. This is accompanied by the “Perfect Cream Cheese Frosting”. This traditional favorite usually calls for artificial food color. 
recipe rating stars
Cals. / serving : 273
% from fat : 26
% from carbs : 68
% from protein : 4
by: LSanford
This recipe has been adapted from the Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book.  
recipe rating stars
Cals. / serving : 609
% from fat : 22
% from carbs : 65
% from protein : 13
This sweet, spicy, and tangy combination of corn, tomatoes, and black beans is a delectable main-course vegan salad that will have you savoring every tasty bite. You can also wrap it up in a tortilla or serve it as a beautiful vegan side dish. 
recipe rating stars
Cals. / serving : 82
% from fat : 0
% from carbs : 97
% from protein : 9
I made this up tonight because I didn't feel like heavy sauce on my pasta. 
recipe rating stars
Cals. / serving : 394
% from fat : 25
% from carbs : 62
% from protein : 15
Inspired by a Turkish recipe – zucchini, onion and feta fritters – which are usually fried, I opted for a bake instead.  I made this into a pie without the crust.  It’s very easy to make, and very tasty too. You can make this a day ahead of serving if you wish.  Kids love it.  Serve with a mixed salad of your choice, or better still try my Middle Eastern Style salad with it. 
recipe rating stars
Cals. / serving : 216
% from fat : 41
% from carbs : 31
% from protein : 24
I first tasted this wonderful potato salad at the pot luck lunch we had each month at the feral cat spay/neuter clinic that Operation Catnip Richmond held (and still holds!)It was the first homemade vegan potato salad I had encountered, and it was delicious! 
recipe rating stars
Cals. / serving : 366
% from fat : 24
% from carbs : 67
% from protein : 7
This is one of those recipes that my sister got it from a friend who got it from a friend, etc., and no one knows its true origin. Regardless of its pedigree, it's very good. 
recipe rating stars
Cals. / serving : 826
% from fat : 14
% from carbs : 77
% from protein : 10
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