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Recipes - UltimateSaver

This is a Jamie Oliver favorite that I love because it breaks all traditional thoughts of how we can use Rhubarb! Crunchy, tart, crispy, sweet, hot and sour! This is perfect for a light, high flavored main dish. 
recipe rating stars
Cals. / serving : 1210
% from fat : 60
% from carbs : 25
% from protein : 14
by: UltimateSaver
Sweet, Tart, Fizzy! What a refreshing,bubbly treat after a long day gardening!  
recipe rating stars
Cals. / serving : 262
% from fat : 10
% from carbs : 65
% from protein : 6
Asparagus is most tender and sweet in springtime! The subtle flavor compliments natural cheddar cheese and herbs. This Frittata with Sauted Fingerling potatoes makes a wonderful brunch 
Cals. / serving : 293
% from fat : 49
% from carbs : 25
% from protein : 21
This is a sweet and lightly tart lemonade that utilizes the abundance of Rhubarb in the garden as we start preparing the way for summer and fall plantings and harvests. Be sure to refresh yourself with a tall glass often while enjoying warm, sunny days gardening!  
recipe rating stars
Cals. / serving : 133
% from fat : 0
% from carbs : 102
% from protein : 0
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