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Recipes - FPP2000

Enjoy these chips as a granish for Tortilla Soup, with salsa, or just as a guilt-free snack. They are best made right before you will be serving them, but also keep well for a couple days in an airtight container.  
recipe rating stars
Cals. / serving : 57
% from fat : 0
% from carbs : 84
% from protein : 7
Use canned black beans or left-overs form Southwest Black Beans and Rice recipe to stretch your ground beef, and add nutrition to your burgers. These go nicely with or without a bun, and are best cooked on a flat-top or griddle. If you're using a grill, be sure it is well-oiled. 
Cals. / serving : 306
% from fat : 44
% from carbs : 26
% from protein : 26
This is a delicious way to enjoy pizza and get some great vegetable nutrition at the same time. Use it as a main dish, or serve it as a side. Use frozen cauliflower, or fresh. The bread crumbs can be omitted and the pizza still turns out well. It just produces a softer crust. 
Cals. / serving : 61
% from fat : 29
% from carbs : 32
% from protein : 19
These muffins are great for breakfast or a healthy snack. The apple replaces some of the fat, and the whole grains give you fiber and nutrition that can't be beat! 
recipe rating stars
Cals. / serving : 181
% from fat : 29
% from carbs : 57
% from protein : 8
We love this as a topping for grilled chicken or fish, as a snack with tortilla chips, or simply in a bowl, with a spoon! It's fast and easy, and though it works well any time of the year, it's a weekly summer staple at our house.  
recipe rating stars
Cals. / serving : 312
% from fat : 17
% from carbs : 69
% from protein : 16
A delicious meatless main dish! Use dry beans as the recipe suggests, or if you're short on time, use canned beans, omit the soaking water, and reduce the water in the recipe. Possible garnishes for this meal include diced tomatoes, cilantro, grated cheese, and sour cream, which are not listed in the recipe. 
recipe rating stars
Cals. / serving : 330
% from fat : 5
% from carbs : 80
% from protein : 14
All of the yummy ingredients from a veggie omelet, in single serving cups. Easy to make ahead, so you can grab and go! 
recipe rating stars
Cals. / serving : 69
% from fat : 26
% from carbs : 28
% from protein : 34
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